Gridshell Studies

Gridshell Studies

Structure, Morphology and Fabric – Gridshell Sports Centre

The concept  was emotion and the relationship between the sportsman and spectator. A timber Gridshell represents the sportsman, and a portland stone plinth represents the spectator. The idea being that the spectator will literally support the sportsman. The concept of emotion in architecture is addressed through a series of spaces which aim to provoke the occupants senses and change the way they feel.

We relied heavily on the use of modelling during the research stages, constructing a full span timber gridshell at 1:50. This model enabled us to understand how the structure worked and how
it could be formed. It drove the whole scheme and became an important tool for learning and creating the final drawings.

This scheme ruthlessly pushes the idea of emotive architecture, consciously varying the light, scale and exposure of the spaces. The dramatic structure above gives us the opportunity to hide and reveal it and constantly create a contrast on the occupant’s senses.


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